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Elvis to the Max

Published: 26/11/2012  

The memory and legend lives on in the guise of Max Pellicano, whose uncanny resemblance and equally chilling performance has mesmerised Australians over the last two decades. Is it no wonder some people still refuse to believe that Elvis Presley is dead! Max Pellicano's tribute Elvis To The Max goes beyond mere impersonation. His recreation of The King's looks, moves, vocal style, impressions and humour is so accurate, its awe-inspiring. You need to sound like the real thing and Max Pellicano has worked hard at that. Not only is the voice important, it's also knowing how to become the man himself on stage. The attitude shy, but confident, Max Pellicano mimics, in a rich Mississippi drawl that is typically Elvis. There are lots of Elvis impersonators around, but Max Pellicano is considered as the best. People just Can't help falling in Love with Elvis to the Max!

Pilbeam Theatre
Wednesday 10 April at 8pm
Adult $55, Aged Pensioner / Disability Support Pensioner / Seniors' Card $45.